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My name is Amina Christy and what you’re about to discover will change the way you think about your treating endometriosis forever.

You see, I’m a herbalist and medical researcher who wants to share with you a list of herbs scientifically proven – by doctors, scientists and medical researchers – to clear endometrial growths, and reduce the symptoms of endometriosis rapidly.

Here’s what it’s all about:

It’s common knowledge amongst medical professionals that the key cause of endometriosis is a hormonal imbalance. 

Clinical studies indicate that women who have endometriosis are greatly helped by reducing their estrogen levels and increasing progesterone levels.

Are Herbs Effective In Treating Endometriosis?

At Longhua Hospital, Shanghai 48 women diagnosed with endometriosis were treated with herbal remedies for 3 months.  Doctors noticed significant improvements in symtops, with pregnancy rates as  high as 26.7%!

The same hospital treated 76 cases of endometriosis with herbs to improve blood circulation and experienced success rates of 80.26%.  88.89% of the women no longer had dysmenorrhea, 66.72% were cured of pelvic pain, 72.12% were cured of pain during intercourse and 13.63% got pregnant.

Meanwhile, Doctors at the Endocrinology and Reproductive Medicine at the University of Vienna reported “medicinal botanicals have anti-inflammatory and pain-alleviating properties and hold promise for treatment of endometriosis”

While there are many drugs on the market which work on hormone levels, they all have side effects.  I’ve listed a small sample below:

  • Provera side effects include depression anxiety, bloating, dizziness, hunger, weight gain, fatigue, joint pain, insomnia, body odor, baldness, acne, edema, loss in bone density, deep vein thrombosis breast cancer and cervical cancer.
  • Lupron side effects include weight gain, memory loss, decreased energy, insomnia, depression, loss of libido, hot flashes, edema, pain, angina, rectal polyps, embolisms, fibromyalgia symptoms,
  • Danazol side effects include weight gain, acne, edema, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, hair loss, facial hair, deepening voice, enlarged clitoris, and even liver tumors and pancreatitis.

It's a sad fact that women turning to their doctors for medical help are being prescribed drugs that may make them feel much worse.

Thankfully there are natural alternatives to these drugs.  Herbs that have been used for hundreds (and in some cases thousands) of years to help men and women to conceive.

What’s more, modern research has confirmed that these herbs work, and double-blind clinical studies put the herbs through the strictest and most vigorous testing, and have also confirmed these herbs help you conceive faster.

Here’s just a few of these findings:


chasteberryChasteberry has been used for centuries in Western and Chinese Medicine to treat gynaecological conditions, including endometriosis.  Combined with Dong Quai it makes a powerful treatment for balancing hormones and reducing the pain of endometriosis.  When Chasteberry is combined with Wild Yam it relaxes the uterus, reducing cramps and spasms.

It’s approved by the German Commission E for family physicians and gynecologists to use for menstrual conditions.  In fact, a German study reported that 52% of women taking this herbs reported a complete reduction in symptoms.  Another German study reported 93% of women noticing a significant decrease in PMS symptoms.

Chasteberry is rich in essential oils and flavinoids.  It works by stimulating the body to decrease estrogen levels and increase progesterone levels, leading to decreased occurrences in endometriosis.

Dong Quai (Angelica Sinensis)

dong quaiDong Quai is also used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat female reproductive health complaints, including endometriosis, fibroids, PMS and infertility.

A Taiwan medical study found that Dong Quai inhibited tumor growth by 30%.  Chinese Researchers found that the polysaccharides in Dong Quai improved the immune system by activating the T cells.

NYU School of Medicine found that the water-soluble components in Dong Quai had an anti inflammatory and antibacterial effect.

The Fourth Military Medical University in China found that Dong Quai prevented the blood cells from clumping together and improved the circulation of blood.

Wild Yam

wild yamWild Yam has been used in the West since the 18th century to treat menstrual cramps and other gynaecological condition such as endometriosis.  It is rich in diosgenin, a substance used by the body to create progesterone.

Wild Yam is effective for balancing estrogen levels, and researchers in Taiwan found that its phytoestrogens (a weak form of plant estrogen) bind to estrogen receptors in the body, replacing the stronger and more dangerous forms of estrogen such as xenoestrogens. 

Psychiatrists in China reported that Wild Yam reduces anxiety levels, and its anti inflammatory and anti spasmodic effects are excellent for maintaining uterine health.   When combined with Chasteberry and Cramp bark, Wild Yam is a powerful natural remedy for immediate relief from endo symptoms.

Cramp Bark  (Viburnum Opulus)

cramp barkCramp bark has been used for hundreds of years by Native Americans to treat pains and muscular cramping in the body.  It is used to relax muscles, and is particularly effective on the smooth muscle cells of the uterus.

It also has anti-inflammatory effects and calms and soothes the nerves, reduces excess bleeding and provides great relief for dysmenorrhea.

It also has wonderful effects on irritable bowel syndrome and researchers at Lviv National Medical University, Ukraine found that it was an effective treatment for gastrointestinal damage.


gingerGinger has been used for thousands of years in Chinese Medicine to reduce nausea, reduce pain, treat digestive complaints and to boost energy levels.  It has been effectively used in India to improve allergic response, due to its anti inflammatory effects.

Doctors in Bangkok found that Ginger reduced nausea and vomiting in pregnant patients, while Scientists in Pakistan found that Ginger enhanced the travel of food through the intestine. 

It is also good for preventing endometrial growths, as Doctors at the China Medical University, Taiwan proved that Ginger prevented blood cells from aggregating.  Researchers at Seoul National University also found that the gingerol and vanilloids in ginger had anti-tumor properties.

Echinacea  (Dioscorea Villosa)

echinaceaEchinacea helps combat endometriosis by boosting the immune system, helping the body to get rid of stray endometrial cells, and by reducing inflammation and infections associated with endometriosis.

Echinacea works by enhancing immune response, encouraging the white blood cells to destroy foreign substances.  Australian researchers found it is also a powerful antioxidant.

The beneficial effects of Echinacea on the immune system are well documented; one study carried out at Karl Franzens University,  Austria demonstrated the effect the herb had on the innate and adaptive immune system.  Research at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine, Portland, Oregon also confirms this fact.

Echinacea is used to improve conditions caused by imbalances in the immune system.  The University of Marche in Italy found the herb effective and safe for treating patients suffering from an autoimmune condition.


golensealGoldenseal has been used for hundreds of years by Native Americans for its anti bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

It is particularly useful in endometriosis as it relaxes the uterine muscles, helps to reduce excessive bleeding, including bleeding in between periods, hemorrhages, and ruptures of endometrial growths.

Its anti-bacterial effects were documented by the University of Illionois, and the berberine in Goldenseal, along with Echinacea are both effective for clearing the body of infections and inflammations that cause painful endometriosis symptoms.

Calendula Flower  (Calendula Officinalis)

calendula flowerCalendula is very effective for boosting the immune system (especially when combined with Echinacea), repairing connective tissue, and improving the circulation of blood.  It is also a natural pain killer.

Calendula is used to treat wounds, and is rich in plant antioxidants which protect the body from the free radicals that damage cells.  It also has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral properties, which are very useful for keeping endometrial growths under control.

This is a great herb to have in any formula, as it improves the delivery of other herbs into the blood and lymphatic system, giving faster and more efficient benefits.

If you’re serious about getting rid of endometriosis quickly and want to do it the natural way – without drugs, surgery or side effects, I urge you to give these herbs a try.

And Now You Can Take Herbal Remedies The Easy Way

People with a lot of time on their hands can buy each herb separately and boil them up three times a day to create a potent mixture of herbs that will help them get rid of endo in the fastest time possible.

Others steep their herbs in alcohol (this takes several days and can be a little messy if you don’t know what you’re doing) and take the herbs every day in the form of tinctures.

That’s great if you have the time, money, equipment and expertise to measure and process the herbs (that’s if you can find them all in the first place.)

Even though I’m a Master Herbalist, I run a very busy practice and don’t have time to mix and process herbs for every single one of my clients… I don’t know about you!

That’s why I’ve contacted a small manufacturer to find and process the herbal formula for me, so I can provide them to my clients in an easy and convenient to use format.

The trouble is, the manufacturer requires me to order them in bulk and since I don’t have hundreds of clients with the same condition, I have a supply of the herbal formula left over, which I would like to share with you.

We’ve blended all the herbs into a formula that I call EndoClear. This way, I can help my clients without wasting countless hours boiling up and mixing the herbs.

It’s also easier to take the herbs in capsule format, as the capsules don’t have any taste and are easy to swallow, compared with the stinky and foul-testing herbs you have to boil up and drink in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

There’s only a limited supply, and as soon as the rest of the formula is gone, I won’t be ordering any more until my own personal stock runs out.

This means I can’t promise EndoClear will still be available if you decide to put off getting the herbs until later.

The price of the herbs are $67 for a one-month supply.  It’s an incredible opportunity to get all the herbs scientists have proven to increase your chances of conceiving.

But, as soon as the supply has been sold out, it might be months before you’re able to get the herbs again, so please consider this before putting off your purchase.

Here’s what some of my clients who have taken EndoClear have to say about it:


Endo Agony Completely Gone

Every time I am in Europe I go to London to see Amina. Her herbal remedies worked really well for me when I was going through menopause and last time I was in London, I brought my daughter in law.

The doctors had diagnosed mild endometriosis but her periods were just terrible. I had never seen someone in so much agony every month. It just wasn't natural. The herbal blend is working very well because she has not had any pain for months.

Thank you Amina!

Noor Galadari, Dubai, UAE



Lupron Made Me A Mess But With Herbs, My Endo Is Barely Noticable

Medications were not an option for me, because I took Lupron last year and I was a complete mess. At the age of 32 I experienced hot flashes and severe mood swings (including inappropriate and uncontrollable public crying) and I was completely useless at work. I am an accountant and need to be accurate all the time. The drugs just wiped my memory and cognitive abilities.

Thankfully HR gave me A LOT of time off to recover. During this time I started looking for alternative ways to heal myself (and to overcome all the side effects.) I found Amina, who was a great listener, and provided herbal remedies which made a huge difference to my quality of life.

8 months on my endo is barely noticeable. Absolutely no symptoms whatsover. I would recommend this alternative route to anyone.

Emily Veale, London UK




No More Painful Intercourse -
And Now 6 Weeks Pregnant!

I've had endo for 8 years and have had contraceptives, lupron and surgery, which helped, but didn't get rid of the problem in total.

I started seeing Amina a nine months ago for treatments and have noticed the change in my symptoms. No more bleeding or pain during sex, no more cramps, no more spotting in between periods, no more pain period!

Four months ago, I confided in Amina that I'd been longing to have a baby. She changed my forumla to one that enhances fertility and I'm now 6 weeks pregnant!

Caroline Leak, Brighton UK




Severe Endo In Colon Much Improved

I had endo in my colon, which for years I thought was IBS. There were sooo many foods I couldn't eat, because they would aggravate my bowels. As a result I felt weak and lethargic most days and even worse during my period.

It's only been 7 weeks, but I feel the changes already. Digestion has improved and I've started to widen the range of foods I can eat. I have more energy and have started to exercise again.


Amy Quinn, Essex, UK


EndoClear is also doctor approved:



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I wish you the very best in your healing journey.

To your success,

Amina Christy

Amina Christy
Master Herbalist
Medical Researcher


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